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Free web advice

If your site is not performing as well as you would like then Zoo Design can offer some free advice.

Webmaster Tools imageThere can be many reasons why your website is not performing as you would like and some times it needs someone with a fresh look can see things that would really help. It is through many years of experience that we have built up that we know some of the basic things that can make a big difference and some of those are listed below.

These are just 5 of the Questions we often ask ourselves…

1. Is your domain name intuitive?

Domain names are like putting postcodes on letters, make them clear and readable or your mail will never get to where you want it to go. Your URL needs to be descriptive of your company, be easy to spell and most importantly don’t try to be to clever.

2. Is your site easy to navigate?

Sites that have a have a difficult navigation structure will annoy people and often causing people to leave because the information they are after if difficult to find.

3. Is the information on your site simple to read?

If you are on your home page, does it sum up what you do and what  you have to offer in a simple and clean way. Don’t expect people to read lots of text at a small size, you usually only have about 3 seconds for someone to decide if they will continue to read more.

4. Keep your site up-to-date?

If your site has a copyright date at the bottom that still shows 2 years ago then people feel you have a dull old site. This applies to news, blogs and copy on the site that never changes. Keep looking at ways of keeping the site fresh and interesting as you want people to keep coming back.

5. What are you doing to drive people to your website?

To expect your website to have a lot of visitors without pointing people to it is a lot to ask. The common things to do are registering your site with search engines, including the site map. Look at doing email campaigns and marketing work, go on to forums that relate to your business, look at pay-per-click with Google.

These are just 5 of the things we think about when taking a look at an under performing website. There are many more things that will help and we would be delighted to give you some advice.

For more information please go to our Contact page and let us know how we can help.